Cities are growing and growing, and people are all leaving the countryside. Everyone is living in a city. In a small apartment, buying food from the supermarket, not knowing where their electricity comes from, living separate from one another. The more we compromise on our living space, the more our quality of life decreases. We have no space, there is so much pollution, the food is tasteless and there are distractions everywhere.

While you want to have a good life. Quality food and friendships, working on improving yourself, and be(come) financially independent. Living together with nature, instead of destroying it. Living in abundance. Focus on the good stuff. Building your business. In peace, in nature, with great people around you. Learning about a different lifestyle. One that teaches you how to live self sustainable. Growing your own food, getting your own electricity, etc.

That is what we want to establish here. To go back to the countryside, set up our own community, discover what it is to live sustainable and enjoy life.