Booking & Prices


Cool that you are interested in joining the Internetfarm! We are currently open from October – December.

Edit: We are closed for one week from the 29th of October – the 5th of November.

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As you might realise we are just starting out with this project, so we can’t say how many people will be there or how it is going to turn out exactly. Its perfect if you want to spend some quiet time and be around nature, while working on you laptop as well. The place is beautiful and peaceful, but realise it is also at a farm. That means it’s an old building, which has some spiders around and wood heating instead of electricity (you will get wood from us for the caravans). The people living on the farm are Kim and Justus (starters of this project), Matthias (the owner of the farm) and Lotti (daughter of Matthias). The latter two will be around only in the evenings, and will sometimes eat with us. Then there will be several people coming to help with the property and the animals. So its an all-inclusive community. 🙂

Sleeping spaces

You get a spot in one of the caravans in the yard.

There is a choice between a private room (for 1 or 2 people), a shared caravan (you share this with max 4 people), or a private caravan (for 1 to 4 people).


You can eat breakfast, lunch & dinner with us. We eat mostly vegetarian food and focus on local, organic & self-produced.

Community work

As we are a community (and not a hotel), we expect you to clean up after yourself & help with cooking and doing the dishes.


We want this to be a community where people feel at home and contribute what for them feels is right. That is why our prices are based on Pay As You Feel.

This means you can set the price yourself and put the money in the big jar at the end of your stay.

To give you some ideas:
Food is all organic, self-produced or local, and costs us between 4-7 euros per person per day (depending on how much you eat).
Wood for the fire stove costs around 1 euro a day.
Living & using costs (electricity, wifi, water, cleaning, repairing stuff etc) costs us around 4 euros per person per day.

We live from this farm. Every payment/donation above ± 10 euros p.p.p.d. (including food, wood, a place to work & to sleep) will make it able for us to continue this project, and to live our lives how we want to.

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